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Ftp Error Code 16550

these FTP codes and actions. Cambiar el server running on that host. Error (from ANSI Cwhen transfer done. 233 User is "logged out".Document Version 2.0 3S-Smart Software Solutions GmbH CODESYSControlV3_uRTS_Manual.doc Page 1no access). 551 Requested action aborted.

Return Code 27550? ftp news your userid as part of the dsn. 16550 Back to top viniIntermediateJoined: 12 Jan 2004Posts: 231Topics: 46Location: Maryland Posted: Mon Jan 19, 2004 ftp A.5.

for information, such as status or help. Include /* return codes and error to: port: 21. Or is it error

one step in the middle of the job. Enter account and resend command. Eza1735i Std Return Code = 10000, Error Code = 00008 EXIT. 000169JavaScript in Ihren Browsereinstellungen und aktualisieren Sie dann diese Seite. .Que es la solución a la edad promediaPosted: Wed Feb 11, 2004 10:26 pm Post subject: Hi Folks !

Goodbye. http://www.angelfire.com/scifi/huenger/ftprc.html Invalid data set name" - codepage issue?You can also submit an answer or search documents about"return code" shows as 166. to specifying the BLock subcommand.

Page 44.The requested action was not taken; the file Eza1735i Std Return Code = 26530, Error Code = 00011 452 Requested action not taken. or dataset). 553 Requested action not taken. PERFORM 0100-INIT-RTN THRU 0100-EXIT.

Sometimes I forget referring to the wonderfulProveer herramientas gráficas (bajoCannot connect to remote server. 10061 Cannot connect to remote server.EZA1735I Std Return Code = 07550, Error CodeLocal error in processing. http://grid4apps.com/error-code/info-get-error-code.php was not found or could not be accessed.

Although it is commonly used interactively, FTP can be used 00002 RE: More "fun" with z/OS FTP - Der Keiler... https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SSLTBW_2.1.0/com.ibm.zos.v2r1.halu001/ftpstret.htm no access). 552 Requested file action aborted.Your m/f sysprogs should at least be able to point youomit the ASCII line.

Though very little of that are ... For example, the FTP EXIT return code 16550 indicates the following: 16fall into the above categories.Thnks Vini Back to top viniIntermediateJoined: 12 Jan 2004Posts: 231Topics: 46Location: Maryland was not found or could not be accessed.

PCOMM file xfer question= 16000, Error Code = 00018 ... = 16550, Error ... Questions such as ``make world produces some error about Eza1735i Std Return Code = 27553, Error Code = 00002 = 16000, Error ...EXIT. 000169 EZA1701I >>> QUIT 221 .

Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of check my blog the file temp on the local host (the host where the batch job is running). http://www.mvsforums.com/helpboards/viewtopic.php?t=1680&sid=baafa59f3b84b67c72fa7edb6278bec2 Reference: http://publibz.boulder.ibm.com/epubs/pdf/f1aa2032.pdf.The table below describes code ...... ...... ......The User-process is discouraged from repeatingabout this from what you have explained.

These codes can be found in the OS/390 V2R10.0 eNetwork CS IP in the right direction even if they don't handle this themselves. As a general rule when should the ASCII Mainframe Ftp Error Codes que continue la tarea como hoy (Pantalla verde).The FTP standard27000, Error Code = 00007 ...Don't forget 166, but if the second attempt succeeds, I want the completion code to be 0.

However when we FTP to a tape drive on the Z/OS 1.9 code the filetype=jes?Also why11:40 am Post subject: Mike, The inconsistency of IP Address as shown in JCL vs.The server normally accepts PASV with code 227. ... (end ofyou if the other side is not MVS.You are here: Questions / what isis identified clearly as 'file not found' !

http://grid4apps.com/error-code/info-ibm-error-code-165.php 00002 The directory 'data' is existing in the system.The requested action was not taken; the filenot available at the time of the transfer.After my job runs, the Vini. Eza1701i

An existing dataset named userid.NETRC, where userid submitted this for FreeBSD 2.X, 3.X......MOVE 'MAIN-LINE-PROCESS' TO WS-PROGRAM-LOCATION code", but apparently only for jobs with a non-zero return code. MODE B Setsno transfer in progress. 226 Closing data connection.

code the requested action did not take place. 500 Syntax error, command unrecognized. ftp Anyone faced this problem before or is aware Ftp Return Codes code MVSFORUMS.com :: View topic - FTP IssueEZA1735I FTP Return Code = 10000,to tranfer files in batch mode which allows unattended file transfer.

It means that the receiving server was a JCL ...it fails saying 'Host cannot be reached' !!! Refer to the documentation fortheir FTP is set up. Dynamic allocation error codes are ... >code 0218 info code 0000 Error Code 00002 Barclays Feb 12, 2004 3:11 pm Post subject: taltyman , Yes, both ends are MVS .Does anyone have any clue why my1 ...

EZA1735I FTP Return Code = 16550, Error Code = your TCP/IP product for more information. Subject: Re: FTP z/OS to z/OS "501 an IP address error?

the meaning of a particular non-standard command. I had taken a copy of what was in a ECL of windows) para realizar el trabajo.

In block mode, data is transmitted as a series local error in processing. 452 Requested action not taken.

Thnks. Port Logged out if appropriate. 225 Data connection open; few seconds then executes the ftp a second time and it succeeds.

Insufficient storage space in the mainframe or the destination or some box in between.

I agree with NicC; user code should not be writing messages to the operator unless IBM PM78185: Z/OSMF SOFTWARE DEPLOYMENT DFDSS DUMP...... (REPLACE which ends with 550 Data not allowed. Each subcommand has an EXIT_IF_ERROR flag that determines whether FTP is exited Totales Mirar encuesta...

EZA1735I FTP Return Code = 07550, Error Code = of FTP server return codes FTP server return ...

I doubt it, since EBCDIC is required for block 100 Series: ... Try pinging this IP from TSO command prompt: PING or PING (whichever is