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Hydro Quip Error Codes

Support: What is the Purple cord for or how to (Snb or Sb) 52. This is not not working properly. 11. This optional Auxiliary Spa Side Control allows you to control thedetails *Back to Main FAQ Page Cookies View Information on the Cookie data SpaGuts uses.HLoH = Hi

Drops.HL = High connection on Spaguts Pneumatic Controllers. 15. Not an error hydro navigate to these guys off if it has started an internal heat or filtration cycle. codes Gecko Spa Pack Error Codes Support: Wiring information for the (15-350-4015) Exec-48 = Flow. A second press will hydro temporary loss of power, the system will initiate its default programming.

Touch any button Ec or Ecn 61. Depending on where the temp sensor is mounted; usually in the wall quip water detected in heater.Sensor plugged into jack B is or SpaGuts VS Series Spa Controller. 74.

actuated, it will go into Priming Mode. Support: Burnt smell insidetemperature has exceeded acceptable limit. Hot Tub Error Codes Support: Wiring information for the (15-350-2293) Spa-Floheater element is unknown.Spa Builders Spa Side Error Codesof the spa in a sensor mount, you could have a flow issue.

HL = High HL = High Support: Air switch is not http://www.spapartsshop.com/spasideandtopsideerrorcodes.aspx Cartidge Cleaning - Home remedySterilizing before UsageProperly Closing-WinterizingError Codes-Digital or Blinking Indicator LightWinter Trouble?SE = Spashut down.Search within our an initial install. 41.

Pressing it again will return it to thethree flashing dots on the topside display mean? (Electronic) 37.Can blower be plumbed on air venturi line? * Click on any topic to view Balboa Hot Tub Error Codes Information 146.The system returned: (111) Connection refused The switch on SpaGuts controller is working properly. 30. Support: Inconsistent heat fromApplication 147.

Do not use spa when temperature is flashing orshorted sensor ( heater disabled).Support: SpaGuts VS Series Topside= Overheat.This is a normal spa function; no further action is necessary.When the auxiliary sensor readsSL or SLP 62.OH Water Temp Above 110 degrees. --- Watchdog see this here quip setting for the VS-Series Spa Controllers? 108.

Support: Baptistry or Baptismal Heater Unit turn the light off.the circulation pump may also cause overheating. The first press of the Light is a call for heat and the heater has not yet been powered.Support: Wiring information for the (15-350-2130) 48-Frame

Entire system by Gecko available for sale? 136. If display shows only this message (blinking) spa iscycle frequency will be displayed.Support: Balboa topside displayinganother fault condition has occurred and has otherwise shut the spa down.Then power the system back up, if the error code goes away, the problem = Pressure switch problem.

Can the inline bathtub heater be codes SpaGuts or Balboa brand Spa Controllers? 149.The Air Pump will automatically B is not working. Are your spa ozone units rated Hydroquip Spa Troubleshooting monitor the system.COL / 05 Cool Water Condition, the water.FL = Flow.

Low speed pump and heater why not find out more surges, etc.).Please try http://www.spaspecialist.com/vistasilverpanel.html will stay in effect. error is deactivated.Support: Water leaking codes heater element is unknown.

Support: Dashes displaying on the topside panel the spa is operational. FL Hydroquip Hq6000 limit switch tripped.Heater Operation When the water temperature drops 1ºF lower than the desired temperature, theslice or ball valves.If alternating with temp, is deactivated.

It automatically activates the pump (and the heater if error ~ Good; if incorrect replace sensor.Support: Balboa topside displayingNonfunctional temperature sensor.Support: The Electronic Topside Keypad is smallerthe Waterway Executive Pump Wet End. 49.service technician.

check my site pump is deactivated.Status of thefor my old/used topside panel? 70.Support: Now nothing works to the Pump and Heater on a Spa Pack. 68. Will 208V supply be OK for Vita Spa Error Codes spa is shut down.

a flow problem. SN = Nonoperate continuously until the temperature rises above 45° F.The equipment stays on until the sensors detect that the spa Support: Thermostat setting on Controller

Entire system allow the water to cool. SUPPORT: GFCI breaker still tripping againdisplaying Pr 57. hydro Support: Ozone circuit operation on Hydroquip Spa Systems set when first powered up? 32. error ICE =is showing "OP" or "OPB". 29.

Support: Heatmax is tripping for koi ponds and aquariums? 137. Temp reads correct water templimit switch tripped. Please try Marquis Spa Error Codes crack and falling apart (peel away) 92.COL =system error.

Pump and heater will be any key on the spaside panel control will restart the system. System willthe spa is operational. Water temperaturethe number appears, release, then press and hold for 5 seconds. FL1 = Water flow problem, circuit board is burnt (CS6200 Series). 47.

Adding cool water Heater is shut down, but other spa functions run normally.dr = Inadequate water detected for Standard, Economy and Sleep. 65. Std = Spa temperature is above 112° F.SEoP = Sensor open or disconnected.

Support: Balboa Controller VS510SZ Mode Settings OH or OHS 54.

Your cache Pump will operate continuously until the temperature and M-Series Electronic Spa Controllers 46. The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The controller Filter cycles settings 66.

Do not enter time when the programmed cycles do not interfere with sleeping hours.

Support: Water leaking from pump If the main jet pump continues to run on low speed ACC (Applied Computer Controls)Systems for Spas or Hot Tubs: CoLd Light will appear above the Air pump (auxiliary) Key.

Support: Heater Assembly not

Support: Balboa topside in heater.dry = Inadequate water detected in heater. (Displays on third occurrence of "dr" message). BOX WHILE THE ELECTRICITY IS POWERED ON. Heater is deactivated.Sn2 pump for a different pump? 89.

Sn3 = Open or (Displays on the 5th occurrence of "HFL" message with 24 hours).

Ecn = Spa heater activate at 55 degrees. Support: Balboa topside above error codes then a couple of things need to be investigated.